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    So, I am going to start off by saying that I am not here by any means to tell you what you should do. I believe we are all on our own path and journeys and it is up to us to make our own choices. I can only share and tell MY truth and MY truth may or may not resonate with you and for me that’s ok.

    BUT, I started to practise gratitude and I cannot begin to tell you how powerful it has been. I believe sometimes we can get stuck in a rut especially when things start to go wrong or fall apart and we get into this habit of focusing on all the negatives which can create this viscous cycle. Did you ever notice sometimes when something goes wrong then EVERYTHING seems to go wrong in the same day and we think ‘WHAT THE HECK?! WHY is everything going wrong for me today’.

    Well, LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. So when something goes wrong, normally it messes with our vibration/ frequency. So because we have allowed that mess up to affect us it has changed our vibration let’s say and we begin to put out this lower frequency out into the world and begin attracting similar lower frequencies toward us.

    Practising gratitude shifts our perspective and our focus on being more positive thinking instead of focusing on what we feel that we don’t have or feeding the emotional feeling of not having enough/ being enough. But by being grateful for what we do have makes what we have enough. Especially in today society of consumerism that surrounds us. How we are bombarded with messages of how we need more. This will make you happy, look how happy this women looks spraying all that perfume. That could be you too or you get the latest upgrade but then when you do that feeling of satisfaction and happiness is short lived because then we always want something better.

    I can only speak from experience. But I can say that when my father past away it really did make me think about life in a completely different light. At first I am not gonna lie I thought the world was quite frankly ….shit. Life was shit and I am so unhappy because my dad isn’t here anymore. But after a while I began to think…. My dad didn’t want to die and he fought until the very end to stay. Then here I am… living, breathing. I wake up with the opportunity to have another chance. I wake up and it is enough to know I have air which fill my lungs and I have a choice every single day. I have a choice to do whatever I want in my life while my dad didn’t. We can’t make that mistake of thinking we have an endless supply of time. It would be absolutely criminal to not be grateful because at the end we all have so much to be grateful for and yes I understand we all do have moments where we feel crap, and that’s ok. BUT if we focus on all those negative things, people and situations what do we exactly gain from that? What positive outcome can come from investing so much energy into a negative way of thinking when in the end it won’t change a single thing.

    I am not saying to avoid the bad stuff if not I encourage you to embrace it, to feel it. We can only truly appreciate happiness when we have experienced and felt the pain and sadness. Life is a constant flux of light and dark and one cannot really be without the other. The thing is we need to accept things for how they are but also not to lose focus on what we do have which keeps our mental wellbeing stable, positive and happy. By taking the time to practise gratitude and putting focus on where it comes from it also allows us to live more in the present moment within our daily lives because we are actually paying attention to all things and those around us. Practising gratitude has made me a happier, positive and more motivated human being. It’s not about having a blind eye to life’s troubles its simply accepting that yeah ok that’s not great BUT I have so much more worth focusing on which in effect makes us more of a stress free person. To be able to see the beauty or the lesson in any given situation we also surrender to the fact that we do not have control over anything in life. In the end bad things happen to good people and it has nothing to do with something I or you have done. When trauma happens I know from personal experience it is hard to practise gratitude. But for example yes it was shit I lost my dad but on the morning that he past I just had a sick feeling in my stomach that for whatever reason I wanted to stay home and see him. BECAUSE OF THAT moment of trusting my intuition I got to see my dad one last time. For that I am truly grateful. There has to be something out there that is working for us all, we just need to be able to see the signs and hear the whispers.

    So how can you practise Gratitude? Easy....

    1. Keep a gratitude journal. Make a few notes each day giving thanks for big or small things that made you happy. Seriously you can say even something like 'I am grateful for the amazing summer sunshine'.
    2. Express your gratitude. Send out a random message, letter or note to your special people, friends, family or partner. Tell them how your thankful to have them and love them for all that they do.
    3. Spend time with people you love and care for. Invite them out for a simple coffee just because.
    4. Meditate. During your meditation visualise all that you are grateful for.

    These are some simple ideas and as you can see it isnt difficult. So, tell me what are you grateful for today?????