• Venue: Clapham Junction (address to be sent on confirmation)
  • Date: Friday 28th February 2020
  • Time: 7pm – 9:30pm
  • Price: £40
  • Collaboration with Uma Elizabeth Knight


Francesca Secolonovo

Francesca has always been curious about the mysteries of the unknown, ancient methods of our ancestors and all things holistic living.

Deep transformational shifts began when she travelled across South East Asia at the end of 2017 while grieving from the death of someone dear. Travelling for 6 months solo she re-connected her faith in spirit and belief in universal magic and knowing that we are surrounded and supported by something so far greater than ourselves. This 6 month journey also led her towards the practise of yoga, meditation and lastly the ancient practise of Sound Healing. Francesca has committed to her own deep inner work and through her own healing is devoted to be in service to guide and empower others on their own journey home.

Sound Healing highlights the many benefits we are able to experience simply by slowing down and being in stillness. The importance to give ourselves the time to be and feel without judgement or expectation allows space to be created to receive insight, healing and transformation.

Francesca holds a safe and sacred space for you to simply be, feel and to dive deeper into self exploration.

Uma Elizabeth Knight

Uma is a wellness coach for women and a yoga teacher based in London. She is the co-creator of Weave, which is a unique year long online journey for women that follows the wisdom and rhythms of Nature and a community that gathers online and in regular women’s circles. As well as 1-2-1 counsel and voicework she leads classes, events and retreats and aims to create sacred space for healing, reconnection and embodiment.


Please email:
francesca.secolonovo@yahoo.com or contact me here.
Booking is essential and no refunds are available.

With Love,

Francesca & Uma