Sound Healing is a time for us to re connect to self, profound healing and transformation. Its enables us to come out of our heads and back to our hearts so we may enter an inward space of feeling instead of thinking in this very outward focused world we live in.
Based on the science of quantum physics we are made up of billions of atoms and molecules which vibrate constantly. However based on many stress factors in life our vibrational frequency can become effected, altered or stagnated.
My Full Moon Tibetan Bowls help to calm the mind inducing an extreamly deep meditative and relaxing state. In effect it aids in self healing by activating our parasympathetic nervous system while also working energetically to unblock any energy channels to allow the body to work to its optimum state.
Sound Healing with my Full Moon Tibetan Bowls help to treat:
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Depression 
  • Anger, sadness and bereavement
  • Boost Immune System

What do you use?

I use Full Moon Bowls which are the most sacred of bowls and singing bowls in general were used by the Tibetan monks for centuries. They are made only under the light of the Full Moon from 7 metals (gold, mercury, iron, lead, tin, silver and copper) which correspond to 7 planets therefore you could look at it in a sense that the bowls are filled with the purest and highest form of cosmic energy. Each bowl is also tuned to chime a specific note and frequency which is also related to each of your Chakras. I then also incorporate voice, tingsha, chimes and my Kalimba to journey us deeper into ourselves.

Treatments I offer:


This is a massage placing the bowls directly on the body. As the human body is at least 70% water with placement of the bowls it makes a powerful treatment to elimiate any energy blockages while the vibrations travel throughout the body.


Each bowl which is tuned to each of our 7 Chakra's is placed strategically in line with each one. With any sound treatment each experience differs from each individual however a feeling of loosing concept of space and time is often felt with a feeling of being cocooned.


Sound baths creates a space where you can re connect and tune in with yourself. The sounds and vibrations of the bowls help in shifting your consciousnes and slowing down your brain waves from an active Beta to Alpha and Theta. Your mind, body and soul holds an energic imprint of all our life experiences and the vibrations of sound shake that up by creating a release. Healing this way in a group is also extreamly powerful! 

Each Sound Bath session can be an entirely different experience however all equally helping us within our personal growth and development. 

So hopefully you can begin to understand that the sound and vibrations of the Full Moon Tibetan Singing Bowls effect not only one factor of our health yet many factors which are all interlinked together and begin to work together harmoniously to naturally restore balance and wellbeing.

My teacher Lola Lhamo who is also the founder of the Vibroacoustic Therapy Association presents scientific evidence to support the benefits and results of Sound Therapy. This information can be found here.


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