I had never attended a group meditation session or experienced sound therapy before and was a little nervous, but Francesca made me feel welcome, safe and relaxed as soon as I arrived. Communication regarding the class was really helpful beforehand so I felt I knew what to expect and how to prepare. The session itself was a wonderful and rewarding experience and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Francesca has a warm heart and creates a safe space for everyone to open up as much or as little as they are comfortable with. Sound therapy is a beautiful thing and I look forward to attending another session.

- Ishbel


A completely transforming experience, I'd recommend to anyone. Sound Therapy was new to me before Fran's class, I'd been keen to try it for a while but it was her special full moon workshop that intrigued me and I'm so glad I booked it. Fran's clear and gentle guidance eased me into the workshop and what followed was a kind of blissful state of awareness experiencing the bowl's singing and vibrations through my ears, through my body. I sort of woke up from it at the end with a sense of renewed energy and comfort within myself that I'm still feeling a week later. Looking forward to my next class, thanks Fran! 

- Claire


I loved the group session with Fran. She created a beautiful atmosphere for all of us to relax in and had a clear passion for what she does. The meditation was amazing and the sound allowed you to relax and calm your mind. I am recommending it to everyone and cant wait to go again!

- Alice


This was the most beautiful and relaxing sound healing ever. The atmosphere was so beautful admd th energy was peaceful and calming. Fran explained everything so well and guided everyone through the meditation perfectly! I left feeling so dreamy and relaxed! So excited to go again!

- Lucy 

At first I didnt know, what to expect... Bowls? Singing? And me? So, I thought, just give it a try and let´s dive in. And thats exactly what happened... Francesca is a warm-hearted and open- minded person, who fillls the room with love and light. During the session I was totally able to let go of everything, that was bothering me in the last time and left the space with such a calm manner, that I first thought, something wasn´t alright with me, because i wasnt used to be that whole and in peace anymore... Thank you Fran! For let me dive into my innner self, for vibrating, soaring, for letting go and giving back my peace at mind, body and heart! 

- Mary


A perfect sunny afternoon in the park. Outside, hearing the birds chirping and singing, the insects and bugs crawling in the grass around me. As I am guided through my downward dog, I am grateful for the beautiful sunset I am able to see coming through the trees. The yoga session I had with Francesca was powerful and felt good in so many ways. Her words and her calm voice made me feel strong and excited throughout the session. The meditiation session in the end was so emotional I couldn't even comprehend what happened to me at the time. Tears were streaming down my face for reasons I didn't understand in the moment. Emothions came over me that I try so hard to keep inside everyday.
Francesca has a natural way of making you feel at ease. Anyone, whether a you are a beginner or more advanced, you will have a great experience with her!"

- Tatjana


"Francesca is a warm, bubbly, individual who possess a calming, relaxed vibe about her. She has a well rounded understanding of sound and vibration which was reassuring too me.

The experience in her class left me feeling very relaxed inspired and light in energy. I thoroughly enjoyed her introduction to the Full moon bowls and the breathing techniques at the start of her class. Her gift shines bright thank you for sharing this with all of us Francescas".

- Kerry O'Donnell


"Tibetan bowls, meditation, breath work and me?! I was definitely out of my comfort zone but Francesca definitely put me at ease literally with the first few breaths. I felt carried away to place inside of myself. I definitely don't know how to fully articulate the feeling of utter peace, being enveloped in soothing sounds and vibrations is a feeling I'll never forget. I would recommend this to everyone. What an eye opening experience".

- Nora Tappin


“I found that Fran’s meditation session was amazing! It’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like that so I had my predetermined idea on what it would be like but I was actually very pleasantly surprised. I left the studio feeling light, relaxed and refreshed. It’s definitely something I would suggest to other people and definitely do again".

- Misha


"I have had a sound bath and a sound massage with Francesca and enjoyed both experiences. Francesca is welcoming, creates a comfortable environment, explains what to expect clearly and has good structure to her workshop. After the sessions I felt very relaxed, which is just what I wanted. I'm looking forward to more!".

- Kim